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july 31th of 2004 of renewal dates

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This place is the home page of the scout Chiba 15 group. Specifically, it cheers lifelong education selfishly and it is variously packed information, useful information, the page which reads "WO". To do the being of the interest call in. Incidentally, it creates eagerly but it sometimes halts, servicing, not being in the refusal, too.

1 group 25 anniversary 15 group 35 anniversary combination matter camp August 7th-Fukushima Prefecture Inawashiro on 11th

Don't you of 6 graders work together from the first grade of an elementary school during Scout recruitment?

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Corps conference in January, 2004 (Omiya camping ground)
December 21st in 2003 (It is United Nations Children's Fund fund in front of Chiba station) (It is a Christmas party at Omiya student government building).
Chiba-shi boy 3 organization rally participation (November 16th in 2003)
Wakaba Ward people festival branch, branch (November 2nd in 2003)
October 19th (doing Oomiyadai small) going up type in 2003 The master of the play (The Omiya public hall sponsorship)
New The September issue of 2003 of 15 group "DAYORI"
Corps conference (experience corps conference) group event in April, 2001Corps conference (Omiya camping ground) boy corps in May, 2001
Corps conference (house of Omigawa young people nature) 1 group, 15 group boy corps combination in July, 2001
( cooking chapter camp boy corps in November, 2001-the venture corps
The group event in December, 2001 (United Nations Children's Fund & Christmas)The cub corps sponsorship in January, 2002 (ski tour)
Corps conference (Mitsuishi mountain hike) boy corps in February, 2002Corps conference (Omiya camping ground) boy corps in March, 2002
Corps conference (Omiya green plaza) group event in April, 2002 (The experience corps conference)
the 15th time
May, 2002 cub corps conference (forest in Showa) Chiba Prefecture mosquito unexpectedly -
Boy corps conference (Omiya camping ground) boy corps in May, 2002Group camp doing preliminary reading in summer in 2002 (Fukushima Prefecture Hinoematamura)
August 2nd in 2002-5 Hinatsu period camp in Ose (The Hiuchigatake mountaineering)
August 2nd in 2002-5 Hinatsu period camp in Ose (Combined program Episode)
Country music big operations in September, 2002 (In the Omiya housing complex)
Boy corps conference (forest of Ichihara City people) boy corps mushroom picking in October, 2002
October 20th (Omiya public hall) going up type in 2002December 15th (Omiya student government building) Christmas in 2002
February 22nd (Nokogiriyama hike) 1 group combination program in 2003
Corps conference on May 17.18th, 2003 (Omiya camping ground)
Corps conference on June 7.8th, 2003 (Omiya camping ground) (Cub corps and combined camp)
Summer festival of 2003 of established customs
August 24th in 2003 (Cub softball rally)
September 15th (in Omiya housing complex) country music big operations in 2003

The Chiba Prefecture camporee with the 17th time

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